Here is a selection of some online and print media.

TV Coverage

ABC Lateline 2014: Australian species facing extinction

Discovery, Daily Planet 2012: Is it possible to develop fear in the womb?

ABC Catalyst 2010: Animal action: finch fights

ABC Catalyst 2009:The sex life of finches

Some print and electronic media

 Fiery frills signal fighting ability
frilly Nature News 2013 – Frill Color Linked with Fighting Abilities for Australia’s Iconic Lizard

PhysOrg 2013 – Researchers find lizards’ frilled neck is more than just for show

Reptile Channel 2013 – The Brighter the Frilled Lizard’s Frill, the More Likely it Wins a Battle

Sex allocation in parrot finches
Discovery News 2012: Boy or Girl? Mother can control outcome

News 24 2012: Finches choose chicks’ gender

ABC News 2012: Mother finches control gender outcome

NBC News 2012: Boy or girl? Mother can control outcome, study of birds finds

Gouldians in the wild
Science Network 2011: Gouldian finch females maximise mating opportunities

West Australian 2010: Gouldian chicks shine light on fresh season

Kimberley Echo 2010: Feathers fly in finch war

Multiple mating and sperm competition
ABC Science 2010: Cheating reaps big benefits for Gouldian Finches

Australian Geographic 2010:Promiscuity pays for female finches

Sydney Morning Herald 2010: Female finches like bit on the side

Science Alert 2010: Finches cheat for better genes

The Age 2010: Cheating is risky, but worth it, for female finches

Seattle Weekly 2010: Today in Sex: Dirty Birds

Red an innate signal of aggression
New Scientist 2009: Winners wear red

Nature News 2009: Birds born to fear red

Britain News 2009: Fear of red may be hardwired in our brains

NeuroDojo 2009: Does red mean, “I win”?

 Sex allocation and male quality
The Science Show (ABC radio national, radio interview with Robyn Williams) 2009: Plumage determines sex of offspring in Gouldian finches

BBC News 2009: Finches choose sex of offspring

ABC News 2009: Finch head colour affects mating outcome

Sydney Morning Herald 2009: Why redhead finches have more sons

Science (AAAS) 2009: Color coordinated courtship

Cosmos Magazine 2009: Australian finches use curious technique to determine sex

Discover Magazine 2009: Finch mothers can subconsciously control the gender of their little ones

Physorg 2009: Sons or daughters? Female finches use head colour to decide

 Fiery red-heads top the pecking order
2SER Radio 2007: Gouldian Finches definitely do NOT prefer blondes

The Age 2007: Reds top the pecking order…

Australasian Science 2006: Better red than dead

Science Daily 2006: If you flaunt it, you’ve got it: how red-heads top the pecking order

OSEL (Czeslovakia) 2006: Rudí jsou agresivní

Modern Tribalist 2006: Pigmentation and aggression

The Australian 2006: Red-head finches top the pecking order